Peace With God Why It Matters

Learn about God, why we are here, where we are going and His words of life.

Learn The Truth

Remember What Matters

Save Your Soul

Making God Known

Get People Thinking About God & Eternity

All By Faith exists to serve God, make Him known in every way and to shine a light on what He has told us about how we can have peace with Him. We are committed to carrying the gospel as far and wide as we can and to empower the church with every tool needed to proclaim the truth. We want everyone to understand why they need to be saved. This truth can only be explained by and from God. We are committed to doing all we can to awaken slumbering souls, point them to the truth and to guide them into the hands of Jesus, the only one that can save their soul.

An Eternal Impact


Separated From God

Why Are We Separted? Understand Why Its So Important

In the beginning, God created a perfect world. Like everything, He created man from nothing; from the dust of the ground. He gave man free will to obey Him or choose his own desires. Man chose himself and the moment he did, sin entered the world. Since then, our relationship with God has been lost and in this state, we are apart from our Creator.  All human beings are made in the image of God and every person who has broken God’s law needs forgiveness, which we cannot provide to ourselves. While we remain in our sin, we are separated from God.

Restored With God

How Do We Reconcile With Our Creator?

God is rich in mercy and came down from Heaven, became a man and paid the debt we couldn’t pay ourselves. Jesus took our sins to the cross, was crucified, buried and bodily raised from death. We are saved by what He did. Salvation is given by grace through faith alone. Once we put our trust in Jesus, we are made whole and right with God. When we accept Jesus as our savior,  we can now have peace with our Maker and by living faithfully to Him, when this earthly life comes to an end, we can go home and be with our God for eternity. 

Walk Towards God

When we authentically and earnestly seek for the truth God reveals Himself to us. its found with God This all begins when we turn to him for salvation and put our trust in Jesus Christ. When we are saved, we receive the indwelling Holy Spirit who helps us to know God and transforms our heart so that we can yearn for His presence even more.

Search For The Truth

As we grow in the knowledge of truth, it becomes like a well-watered tree. Its branches growing deep roots. When you have such an access to His abundance and resources, you learn to view life with promise and hope.

Live Faithfully

God does not hide himself from those who seek him diligently. Learning about Him is as simple as reading His Word. By reading the scriptures, we can hear God and His purpose for our lives.

Apart Of God's Family

The greatest promise given to us: “Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.” (Revelation 2:10) It becomes easy to see that there is nothing else more important than being in His presence. Adopted into God’s family. It doesn’t matter what you did or who you were in the past. In God’s family, we receive a new identity. As we learn who we are in Christ, we develop new desires and new values.

Why It Matters

Our Time On Earth Is Limited

God gave us the gift of life — for a moment and season. We are given no promises about tomorrow. We all have loved ones and friends that were making plans for tomorrow, and it never came. They were pulled into eternity in an instant. We need to use our time meaningfully. Please, dont wait. Get right with your Creator while you have the chance.

All human beings are made in the image of God; however, all humans have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23. We have all broken God’s law, and we need to be saved from our sin. Every person who has broken God’s law needs forgiveness, which Jesus provides. 

When we accept and put our trust in Jesus, we are given His righteousness. God removes our sin as far as the east is from the west and we become part of His family. Everyone heard about how God sent His only son Jesus to sacrifice Himself for us and die in our place so that each person would receive salvation through Him.